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Brenda Taylor


Anita Seals


Mick Mitchell

Meet the Team.


Brenda Taylor
I am the chair person and founder of DREAM. As a disabled person I had a lot of negative experiences. I was determined that out of all the negatives something positive would emerge. That positive was DREAM. Running our group has totally changed my life and it is so rewarding to see our members having the opportunity to experience new things and to see their smiles. DREAM made me dare to dream 


Anita Seals
My name is Anita Seals and I’m Treasurer for dream. I live in Yeadon and am married to James and have 2 daughters, Lucy & Verity. I enjoy DREAM meetings as they are so varied and I have built up a strong affinity with all the members. Working with DREAM is an honour and I hope we can keep on gaining more members and continue to thrive.


Mark Shaw
My name is Mark Shaw and I am the treasurer for DREAM.



Membership Costs

There is also a weekly meeting fee of £1. People using our transport pay £2 towards the cost.


Sponsored by Simon & Isabel Hunt.







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